With Covid, et al, we haven’t been able to take a family vacation for a few years. This year, however, we did. With 9 adults, 6 small children, & a dog some would not call that a vacation, but we liked it. It seems that Progressives can also have “family values” J

I walked the boardwalk every morning. One day for the last 20 minutes I could hear two 40-something women behind me talking loudly enough to be heard clearly. Their entire conversation was trashing Joe Biden. For example, how could he leave behind billions of dollars of weapons in Afghanistan? And that we had no business being in Ukraine because they are the ones who had invaded Russia, and that we were only there to “save Hunter’s ass”.  And of course that all this mess was started by Barack Obama.

While I’m normally reserved, just before I turned off for my street, I turned and greeted them. I excused myself for the interruption. I asked if they had heard that, as we speak, Obama was in his “home country” of Kenya gathering a militia to invade the U.S.

Their reaction astonished me. Looking shocked and frightened they said “Oh no! What are we going to do? We have to get home and learn more about this right away!”

So of course I told them I was teasing. The good part was that we parted amicably, with smiles and have-a-good day stuff.

But how can this be? How can people believe outlandish lies about others, just because they dislike them?

And I assure you I am not Tucker, Sean, or Laura, with their persuasive abilities and platforms.

I thought of a few explanations, though not an exhaustive or erudite list:  racism, fear of losing rank or privilege, intellectual laziness, inanity, an exclusivist worldview with loathing of “the other”, believing the lies of others, and being influenced by people they believe are important, such as media personalities.

My justifications here are not charitable. But I believe if we are going to come together as a nation, we cannot whitewash (literally) those who are attached to lies.

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