Boy sopranos sing like angels.  There is a unique and lovely quality to a little boy’s voice, one that can take on even more richness for a short time after puberty.  The Vienna Boys Choir has been enchanting audiences for hundreds of years, as have, more recently, groups such as the Harlem and the Newark Boys Choirs. 

While not all little boys are talented singers, most all possess a sweetness and harmony of heart that we would do well to affirm and encourage.  These wonderful human qualities can get lost in our typical focus on a boy’s involvement in sports, where physical prowess and competitiveness are emphasized.  Learning to appreciate good music, art, and literature have lately fallen under the knife of school budget cuts, and it now becomes even more important for parents to take the responsibility to expose their children to some of life’s most beautiful things.

 Little boys who sing like angels are a gift to all of us, and an opportunity for grown men to celebrate and emulate where they came from.